Opportunities Opening System

OOS - Opportunities Openning System

Opportunities Opening System

The benefits of the New System (OOS):

0- The OOS Form submissions are limited to aiesec.net mails.

1- You don't have to open a sheet and write the info of the opportunity you want to open anymore. You will be required to submit a form in order to ensure that all the fields are correctly filled and you will automatically receive a copy of your submission in your mail and you will have the ability to modify your submission at any time without re-submitting in case of wrong information.

2- You will be shared on the responses of the form (As a view only access) in order to track both MCVP and ECB evaluation process of your submission and see the dashboard of your LC.

3- The OOS is connected to EXPA and hence, it reflects the status of the opportunity, who opened/closed the opportunity and when.

4- The OOS automatically evaluates the opportunity ID which you submit through the form and sends you an automatic mail in case of wrong Opportunity ID in order to edit your submission.

5- The OOS sends you an automated mail to inform you that your opportunity is opened or closed.

6- The OOS retrieves all the opportunity IDs that will be open after the system official release and compares it with the current submitted ones. If any opportunity gets open after the official release and isn't in the form responses, it will be automatically closed. So, there is no space for opening an opportunity without the OOS.

7- You find a dashboard designed in the OOS to have an analytical overview of all of your opportunities/submissions.

8- The OOS has both MCVP & ECB evaluation processes categorized into points with Correct/Incorrect in order for the LC to understand on which basis the evaluation will be done.

9- Last but not least, all the above will be applied for all the new contracts and opportunities to be open/reopen starting by 1st of December 2021 for GTa/e and 1st of January 2022 for IGV.

The General Instructions (OOS):

1- The contract MUST be summited in 1 PDF file and has ALL the pages of it, not only 3 4 pages.

2- The name of the file being submitted must follow the guidelines of the form. We will pass it for the previous submissions but any new submission won’t be considered (a screenshot of the form guidelines will be forwarded in the group)

Contract File Name Example: Opportunity ID_ Role Tile —-> 1234567_Web Developer At X Company

3- Re-submitting the same opportunity is forbidden because it will cause your opportunity to be closed automatically forever since the code run on all the submissions and your opportunity will be having two status, 1 of them is passed and the other one isn’t passed and he hence the code will always close it.

4- You already receive a mail when you do a submission and within this mail it gives you a link to edit your submission. So, if you have a wrong info or a wrong contract and you need to correct it, then use this link to correct the submission and don’t do any re-submission for the same opportunity.

5- In case of modifying the submission with a new contract since the old submitted contract wasn’t correct, use the same naming guidelines of the file and only add “(Rev. 2) so that it can have a different name from the previously submitted one.

Corrected Contract File Name Example: Opportunity ID_ Role Tile —-> 1234567_Web Developer At X Company (Rev.2)

ECB Reviews the contract as per below criteria for your consideration to avoid getting your opportunity closed:

1- Contract is fully filled and signed by both AIESEC and OP

2- Slots and Openings in the contracts are exactly same as opportunity

3- Job Description in the contract is exactly same as the opportunity

4- Working hours & days in the contracts are exactly same as opportunity

5- Logistics part of the contract is exactly same as opportunity (salary, meals, accommodation, …)

Please find here the OOS sheet: Here

Please find here the OOS IGTa/e Form: Here

Please find here the OOS IGV Form: Here

Please find here the latest version of ICX Contracts: Here

Please find here the Opportunities Opening Guidelines that will be strictly effective with OOS: Here