About us

What is ECB?

ECB is an entity controlling body responsible for the governance and compliance of the AIESEC Portfolio Internal Policies, and the arbitration of cases concerning exchange standards and ER Principles of AIESEC entities.

ECB is the last decision-making body on a national level in regards to APIP and AEPP. An independent board, working directly with its MC, LCs, and ICB, to ensure that every customer & stakeholder experience complies with ethical and operational standards.

The purpose of ECB is to support the governance of AIESEC portfolio and ensure customer centricity, by guaranteeing operational and ethical compliance in every AIESEC activity.

ECB arbitrates disputes and makes decision-based on:

  1. National Compendium

  2. AIESEC Portfolio Internal Policies (APIP).

  3. AIESEC Exchange Program Policies (AEPP).

  4. The Code of Ethics.

ECB TEAM 21'22

ECB Chair 21.22

Adel Mohamed

Aya Mohamed

Team Leader for Audit and Compliance

Ahmed Ellithy

Team Leader for Audit and Compliance

Mohamed Amin

Team leader for Customer support

ECB Chairs Hall of fame

ECB Chair 21.22

Adel Mohamed (Doddz)

ECB Chair 20.21

Ahmed Elkomy (Komy)

ECB Chair 19.20

Adel Mohamed (Doddz)

ECB Chair 18.19

Ahmed AbdelLatif

ECB Chair 17.18

Mahmoud Hassan (Molto)

ECB Chair 16.17

Youssef Nasser