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National Conference sessions

Mahd 2021 Session

ECB Session (MAHD 2021).pptx

Activate 2021 Sessions

Activate 2021 Reporting Space.pptx

Activate Reporting Space (LCPs)

Activate APIP Acadmey Space (LCP, LCVP, TL).pptx

APIP Academy (LCP, LCVP, TL)

Activate 2021 Governance 101 (Members).pptx

Governance 101 (Members)

ECB Session - Fusion 2021.pdf

Fusion 2021 - Suits Kick Start

ECB Suits Kick start at Fusion 2021

Momentum 2021 Sessions

Momentum ECB Session .pdf

Mastering the Governance system (EB)

Monitor your logs.pptx (1).pdf

Monitor your logs (Members & TLs)

ECB Session Activate.pdf

Activate 2020 - Goal Zero

ECB Space at Activate conference 2020

ECB Session.pdf

Fusion 2020 - ECB Space

ECB Space at fusion conference 2020

General Education

EP Booklet.pptx

Criteria and Responsibilities of EP

HE & SE.pptx

Criteria and Responsibilities of HE & SE

OPs Booklet.pptx

Criteria and Responsibilities of OP

Products Booklet.pptx

Programs minimums