APIP Academy for EB

Entity Control Board

Dear AIESECer, this Academy has been created for you in order to gain all the important knowledge required for basic running operations in our beloved AIESEC and avoid any quality cases or violations.

The Academy is meant for EB Members.

The test is associated with your aiesec.net mail and you can only submit once. Why can't you submit more than once? because we have locked the submission for only 1 submission since we need to analyze the general knowledge of the plenary and get real data and insights on the education cycles and what the plenary lacks so that ECB can focus on them.

Important Notes:

1- Links can only be open if you are logged in with your aiesec.net mail in the Gmail of the laptop/PC. if the link doesn't work, please use incognito tab and open the same link and it will direct you to log in with your aiesec.net mail.

2- APIP Academy is divided into 3 layers:

1.1 EBs : 10 Sessions with 10 Quizzes

1.2 MMs : 8 Sessions with 8 Quizzes

1.3 Members : 4 Sessions with 4 Quizzes

3- APIP Passing Criteria for the individual :

3.1 For An EB Member : 90% Overall Score of all the quizzes together.

3.2 For A Middle Manager : 80% Overall Score of all the quizzes together.

3.3 For A Member : 70% Overall Score of all the quizzes together.

4- In order for the LC to pass the APIP Academy and avoid sanctions, the LC shall satisfy the below passing criteria:

4.1 100% Participation & Minimum 100% Passing of the total number of EB Members in the LC

4.2 100% Participation & Minimum 80% Passing of the total number of Middle Managers in the LC

4.3 Minimum 80% Participation & 70% Passing of the total members of the LC.

5- The best way to go through it is by finishing each session and following it with its quiz.

6- Not passing the APIP Academy falls under the severity 4 of the compliance matrix which leads to many consequences including freezing operations.

7- DDL to finish the whole academy is 20th of March at 11:59 PM (You have 15 days to finish the academy).

Session 1: Introduction to AEPP + APIP

01 AEPP + APIP.pptx

Session 2: ECB Profile

02 ECB Profile.pptx

Session 3: ICB Profile

03 ICB Profile.pptx

Session 4: EP Responsibilities

04 EP responsibilities.pptx

Session 5: OP Responsibilities

05 OP responsibilities.pptx

Session 6: SE Responsibilities

06 SE responsibilities.pptx

Session 7: HE Responsibilities

07 HE responsibilities.pptx

Session 8: Ethics & Harassment Prevention

08 Ethics & Harassment.pptx

Session 9: Customer Support - ECB

09 Customer Support.pptx

Session 10: Auditing & Compliance - ECB

10 Auditing & Compliance.pptx

Please find below an analysis sheet for the Quizzes Submissions: (EB)

APIP Academy 2022.1 - EBs - Results